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Want to earn money from your site traffic without lifting a finger?  If you have a blog, website, or not for profit entity that you think would be a good fit for our products, and generates a fair amount of traffic, you may qualify to be come an affiliate. Now we offer you a way to post a banner on your site and get paid on any sales made by customers that access our site from your page banner!  

Here is how it works:

  1. Completely transparent. Everything is controlled through our website where you can track sales, commissions, and view activity.

  2. Email notification of important events. This includes payment notification, participation requests, and account suspension.

  3. Display of detailed order history.

  4. Once approved, you will receive an email instructing you on how the program works along with several banner options.  If you would like a custom banner created, please let us know.

  5. Commission rates average between 5-8% depending on site's traffic.  For example if someone visits our site from yours and buys a $1,000 metal detector, you would earn about $50...without lifting a finger!  Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal or manual check.

  6. Any customer that accesses our page from the link you place on your page is tracked for 12 months and you receive a commission for the sale!

Other Perks:

* Your site will be listed on our website which receives over 5K visitors per month!

* We will mention your site in our next newsletter!

* Excellent for clubs, groups, not for profits, and free lance bloggers.

Keep in mind that as you earn commissions they may be subject to taxation!  It will be your responsiblity to ensure you are accounting for this and making payment on any amounts subject to taxation....but hey, look at the brite side, if you are paying taxes you are making money!  Repeat customers are tracked for a period of 12 months from their initial purchase assuming they do not delete the tracking cookies in their browser.

Terms & Conditions

Payments are made when the total amounts either reach $100 or when requested by Afilliate.  Other Terms and Conditions may apply and are subject to change anytime.

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