Professional Metal Detectors

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What is considered "professional"?  In my book, if you make money doing something, you are a professional.  Whether it is collecting valuable relics, gold nuggets, precious coins, or even clad coins and recylcleables.  If you take it serious, and know how to generage value with a detector, you are a professional.  All though you can find all types of metals with almost any metal detector...tough treasure doesn't just pop its head right under your search coil.  Serious professionals know how important a good metal detector is to using your detecting time effectively.

If you want to be the most efficient in recovering valuable metals, relics, and treasure you need the best possible metal detector.  Professionals know that when it comes to finding jewelry and valuable coins you can't waste too much time digging up trash. You need to know what you are digging (or at least have a pretty good idea) before exerting the effort to dig.  Below is a list we have put together of metal detectors, attributes, and overall value.




#1 - Garrett AT Pro or AT Gold -

AT Gold includes 18kHz frequency for enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics!  This metal detecting machine is any serious prospectors best friend.  Although a great nugget hunter the AT Gold has various discrimination levels and certain modes provide a multiple tone audible.  We are field testing one right now with an AT PRO and will have a YouTube video on our channel shortly! 

Retail Price:$799.99   Our Price:  $679.96  SAVE $120!






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