Kansas Treasure History

Kansas Treasure History

When I tell people I hunt treasure in Kansas it often results in a chuckle.  There is not gold in Kansas, they say, or what type of history is their burried in Kansas?  Well, there may not be much gold in Kansas and yeah, Kansas only became a state 150 or so years ago.  But its history dates further back than that and it is extremely rich in human activity.  Much of it the type of activity that involved commerce, trade, and military action.  All of which tends to carry some sort of treasure with it.  (Click Here For Kansas History via Wikipedia)

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A good place to start when looking for the history of your region is the State's Historical Society (Click Here For Kansas Historical Society Website).  Additionally, local historical societies, museums, and their employees carry loads of information about the history of their area.  Bear in mind many of these people do not take too kindly of metal detectorists or relic hunters digging up their history.  Which, is sort of understandable.  Who wants local history shipped across the country for strangers to enjoy?  So, it is important to keep these things in mind:

Follow Standard Metal Detecting Etiquette - Use respect when metal detecting.  Respect the landowner (whether it be private or taxpayer owned) and respect Mother Nature.  Fill in your holes, pack out garbage, and leave the land in "as-good or better" than it was prior to you being on it.  Here are some other "industry standard" metal detecting and prospecting rules:

  1. Don't trespass.  Get permission from the land owner or appropriate permits/licenses for the respective property.  Know Federal, State, and Local ordinances.
  2. Fill your holes in.
  3. Pack out any trash (whether it is your's or someone else's)...and obviously don't litter.
  4. Don't destroy or tamper with any structures, signs, building remains, etc.
  5. Be fire safe!  Follow rules and build it in a fire safe place.  Don't throw down cigarrette butts...lit or not.
  6. Don't destroy natural vegetation.
  7. Be careful with vehicles and ATV's (and other gas powered motorized equipment) and damage it may cause...either to the terrain or via fuel or oil leakage.

Offer to Share Historical Finds - Cooperate with them and offer to give, loan, or sell any findings for display in their museum.  I am not going to lie, I dream of finding some really cool valuable treasure that will allow me to spend the rest of my detecting days on the beach.  But, there is a lot of pleasure that can be obtained by being recognized as the finder of a really cool piece.  Most treasure hunters don't sell their finds any way.  So, why not have it on display for the rest of the world to see too?  Try to keep it local if possible. Those people will appreciate it and perhaps open up opportunities for other hunting spots.


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