Meteorite Hunting Resources

Meteorite Hunting Resources

The only meteorite I have found was on Ebay and purchased from Steve Arnold co-star on the Science Channel's TV show Meteorite Men Although we are located in Kansas which apparently is a great place to find them.  One of these days I will go out on a meteorite hunt and hopefully find one myself.  Until then all I can do is learn how to find them and share that knowledge with readers.  Below is an ever evolving list with meteorite hunting resources.

kansas meteorite - All kinds of information on space rocks, meteorites, etc.

Meteorite Men TV Show on The Science Channel Links:

[Meteorite Men shop] [Broadcast schedule]

Visit the official Meteorite Men website

Meteorite Men Episode Guide

Meteorite Men on Facebook

Meteorite Men on Twitter

What to do if you find a meteorite -

Have you found a space rock? -

Lunar Meteorite identification - Washington Univ.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know of any sites to suggest!


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