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Posted 8/26/15

Precious Metal Recovery - Buyers, refiners, recyclers, assayers, and smelters of gold, silver, platinum, all precious metals and scrap, including industrial platinum, palladium and rhodium. Precious Metal Recovery serve both jewelers and the general public. Be sure to bookmark our site to check the current spot prices on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.  Precious Metal Recovery is a division of Northern Refineries.

Posted 2/13/15

Minedat.org This website was given to me on a prospecting trip to Southern Arizona.  Mindat.org has been running since October 2000 with the aim of building and sharing information about minerals, their properties and where they are found. It is now the world's largest public database of mineral information with an army of worldwide volunteers adding and verifying new information daily. Mindat.org is free to use. Start by reading about some commonly encountered minerals today!

Posted 6/5/14

 HowToFindGoldNuggets.com - I think the name says it all. If you want help learning the basics of gold prospecting, or your an experienced miner who wants to increase their gold production, this is a good place to start.  This website is loaded with great information about finding gold.


New Gold Prospecting Links! - Posted 1/2/14

Gold Prospecting Channel - This site was founded "...to continue providing prospecting related programming to people who enjoyed watching the shows I produced for The Outdoor Channel and GPAA. Those shows are: Prospecting America, Alaska Gold Expedition and LDMA shows. I also created this site because I love the adventure that seems to naturally coincide with prospecting. Filling this site up with prospecting information and creating prospecting related television shows should enable me to continue the adventures I seek and at the same time provide prospectors everywhere with these values." - Joey Wilson, Site Creator

Precious Metal Assayers - 

Little Mountain Enterprises -  "Little Mountain Enterprises is a full service precious metal Exploration Company with over 23 years experience.  We can help you with your needs whether you are just starting out or already a junior or major exploration and mining company. We work very closely with Geologist, Mining Engineers, and Industry Analytical Labs. We can assist in every aspect of Laboratory, Exploration, Research and Development and Pilot Plant Fabrication.  Have a gold project that needs financing?  Little Mountain Enterprises has investors looking for projects.  Let us put you in touch with them.  North America, Mexico, Central and South America.  Little Mountain Enterprises uses standard reference material daily for quality control.  Every batch of test includes SRM Blank and SRM with known quantity of Gold, Platinum and Palladium.  This insures the complete process from start to finish is accurate and repeatable." 

Copper State Analytical Labs - "Copper State Analytical Lab, operating since 1981, is a Northern Arizona assay office located in Prescott, AZ. We provide a full spectrum of analytical services. If you're in need of a assay, fire assay, chemical analysis, 35 element scans, water testing (for mining purposes) or most any other analysis, we can help.  In addition, to being operated by two Arizona State registered assayers, President D.A. Shah, B. S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and Lab Manager Andrew Shah, with 25 years experience in the analytical field. We have a total of 60  plus years combined experience. Quality, honest and accurate  results are our number one concerns. Our future business and integrity rely upon the quality of our work and the accuracy of our sample analysis; as well as your livelihood."

New Gold Prospecting Links! - Posted 12/30/13

Beartooth Treasure Hunting & Prospectors Club - We are the premier recreational prospecting & treasure-hunting club in Montana. If finding gold and treasure in Montana is your desire, you will find we are a bunch of exciting and active people. We bring fun, entertainment and education to the novice, intermediate and advanced prospectors and treasure-hunters for individuals and family members.


  1. Help people to pursue traditional recreational prospecting and treasure hunting.
  2. Research, investigate and develop opportunities not currently available.
  3. Develop a specialized Library of data and opportunities.

New Gold Prospecting Links! - Posted 11/12/13

Western Mining AllianceThis site is full of information about property rights, mining and prospecting rights, and other important issure that protect our constitutional rights.  From their website: "The Western Mining Alliance was formed in the spring of 2011 as a result of proposed changes to the California dredging laws, mandated by court order. During the public hearings of the Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report public sessions organized by the California Department of Fish & Game, a small committed group of miners decided to take up the fight in an effort to save the Western Heritage of the independent miner."

Bedrock Dreams - A blog site operated by a small scale miner that offers a cache of information on how to operate a small mining operation.  


Posted October 14, 2013

Gold Prospectors Space - Like Myspace for prospectors!  Lots of subscribers who are very active andthe site is loaded with really neat features that allow you to post photos, videos, or just chat with other prospectors.  Go check it out at www.GoldProspectorsSpace.com!

Magyver of The Yuba River - A real life miner who lives in the heart of the 

Alchemist Gold mine South of Alleghany, CA.  Magyver lives on the mine and prospects for lode and placer gold.  A fun website!

Detector Prospecting - A website dedicated to prospecting for gold and other precious items using metal detectors, suction dredges, sluice boxes, gold pans, and more.

FindGoldProspecting.com - This website has a lot of information good for beginners and hobby prospectors to learn the basics of gold prospecting. Vast resources and links to other prospecting sites, metal detector dealer lists, information on equipment, how to use it, and several relevant links to videos of gold prospecting techniques and tools.

Gold Rush Nuggets - Buyer and seller of specimen gold nuggets.  Get the best price for your small and large gold nuggets.  Located out of Idaho these guys will give you a fair shake whether you are a buyer or seller.  Visit www.GoldRushNuggets.com for more information!

E Gold Prospecting -  An information rich site from folks who get out in to the streams and find gold.  I like this one because it is from guys in the heartland who, like us, have to get far, far from home to find any measureable amount of gold.  But, they still prospect around home.  Thus showing it is truly not about having the gold it's about finding it.

Alabama Gold Page - Prospecting information for Alabama. Including where to go, what equipment works, and tips for finding new areas. Describes the use and operation of typical mining equipment, including gold pans, dredges, and sluice boxes.

Alaska Gold Forum - Alaska gold prospecting community message board. Focus is predominantly on placer mining with some information on other mining related topics.

Alaska Gold Prospecting and Mining - Panning, sluicing, and dredging information in Alaska. Helpful to those getting started in gold prospecting. List and maps of where to go on public land to pan and sluice for gold. Instructions on operating a gold pan, sluice, and dredge.

Alaska Prospecting - Gold dredging in Alaska. Photographs and tips on dredging in Alaska using a dry suit and a triple sluice.

Alaska Public Land Status - BLM guide for mining and prospecting with tips for determining land status on public lands in Alaska. Describes methodology to determine status of the land, locating mineral claims, and filing the claim (recording) paperwork. In addition there is also information on additional filing requirements and yearly fees to keep the mining claims.

Arizona Association of Gold Prospectors - Recreational gold prospecting club with mining claims west and north of Phoenix, Arizona. Prospecting lessons, meeting information, and club event schedules.

Arizona Gold Prospectors - Prospecting information for Arizona. Gives information on placer mining, exploration, and rudimentary geology. Maps and directions to placer mining areas in and around Phoenix. Descriptions of types of equipment used for placer mining is included as are book and online resources.

California Gold Prospecting - Guided prospecting and gold panning trips through California's motherlode country. Descriptions of local geology and panning techniques.

Colorado Prospector - A site for the small scale miner or prospector to find access to public land in and around Colorado's mineral belt. Free prospecting and lapidary forums.

East Coast Prospector - Pennsylvania-based gold prospecting club offering guidance, tips, and equipment reviews. Featuring real audio prospecting lessons, photos of club outings, exploration stories, and book recommendations.

GPAA Central Indiana Chapter - Photos and trip reports from the Midwest and Eastearn US. General information and plans for home-made mining equipment.

GPAA Sacramento Chapter - Information on this Northern California group including chapter meetings, gold mining tips, local area outings, and contacts in the club. Links to other gold prospecting sites, claim purchasing data, and membership process and benefits.

GPEX - gold and platinum explorations - Offering information on gold and platinum claims for sale and lease in British Columbia, Canada. Includes information on gold panning, dredging, and exploration techniques. Photos of placer mining claims.

The Gold Prospecting Blog - An excellent resource on the history, basics, and most up to date gold prospecting tools and methods.  Updated daily, this blog provides the most recent information on prospecting and mining.

Gold Prospecting Reference Material - Information on a series of prospecting books, online articles, and prospecting field test kits. Gold and meteorite location maps for different western states and a detailed description of prospecting book series.

Gold Prospectors of the Rockies - Denver, Colorado based club offering monthly presentation on small-scale gold prospecting, on-site training sessions on how to locate placer gold, panning, highbanking, dredging, and metal detecting, and publishes a monthly newsletter.

GoldMaps.com - Gold deposit locations, and history of gold mining in several US states.

Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine Tours - Authentic Arizona ghost town, located at the base of the Superstitions. Mine tours available.

Goldplacer.com - Mining site focused on placer gold, gold prospecting, placer gold locations and equipment. Goldplacer has a special emphasis on metal detectors, where to and how to find gold nuggets.

Hooked on Gold - Provides information on gold prospecting, how and where to find gold, tips and reviews, prospector's blog, GPOC news, gold chart and equipment regulations in Colorado.

Huachuca Prospectors Association - Group in Sierra Vista, Arizona, area dedicated to the promotion of recreational gold prospecting.

John Wade Publishing - Offers various books by CJ Stevens including several on gold prospecting, mineral mining and treasure hunting in the state of Maine.

Midwest Prospector - Gold prospecting information for Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. For dredging, panning, nugget detecting and other prospecting activities. Maps and photos of prospecting trips in these states and links to other gold prospector sites in the midwest.

Millennium Diggers - Non-profit club in Oregon that will help promote the hobbies of metal detecting, prospecting, rock hounding, and treasure hunting.

Northwest Mineral Prospectors Club - Provides support for people wanting to learn about minerals and prospecting. Includes club information, schedule of meetings and events, articles, a gallery and a forum.

NuggetShooter's Forum - A public discussions about electronic gold prospecting, gold nugget collecting, related equipment and topics.

Oregon Gold Prospecting Trips - Offers gold mining excursions on private producing claims in Oregon. Photos of gold found on previous trips, maps of the area, and future trip dates.

Ohio Gold Prospecting Information - The Ohio Department of Natural Resources provides some valuable historic information about historic Ohio gold mines.  Since the upper 2/3rds of the state were glacieated, there is very possible you can find at least very small amounts of gold in about any stream in that area.

Pioneer-Motherlode Mining - Sells recreational mining equipment and metal detector along with local history of Northern California's gold findings.

Prospectors Club of Southern California - Monthly meetings, field trips, gold claims, crime scene hunts, annual banquet.

Recreational Miners Association - Group promoting placer mining activities throughout the USA. Calendar of club activities, directory of other mining organizations, and membership information. Ideas on prospecting locations, types of equipment, and how to get started.

Resource Center for Gold Maps - A recreational prospector's field guide to what's new in gold and gem maps.

Road Runner Prospecting Club - Phoenix, Arizona based gold prospecting club. Information on membership, current/past newsletters, upcoming events, and club-owned claim information.

Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club - Family-oriented club supporting gold prospecting, metal detecting and treasure hunting, located in northern Colorado.

Steve's Mining Diary - An on-going log featuring the adventures of an Alaskan gold miner. Long loading time.

The Claim Post - Features placer mining properties for sale in Northern California. Descriptions of patented and unpatented mining claims, what they are, and how to stake a placer mining claim. Examples with images of the different mining methods in placer operations and where to look for gold in a stream.

The Gold Ledge - Information on California gold mining, metal detecting, rock and gem collecting and history. Read forums, classifieds and photos. Guide to river mining for placer gold.

The New 49ers' Gold Adventure - Offers gold mining property for prospecting, adventure vacations for families. Training is included; beautiful scenery, fun, and healthy outdoor activities create memories to last a lifetime.  

The Rocker Box - On-line source for news, information, and equipment for recreational prospecting, metal detecting, treasure hunting, and ghost towns.

United Prospectors Inc. - Family oriented small miner's corporation dedicated to the enjoyable, relaxing, and potentially profitable activities of rock hounding, metal detecting, gold prospecting and mineral hunting.

Weekend Gold Miners Club - Northern Georgia gold prospecting club with mining claims in Georgia and Tennessee. Information on club outings, membership, mining properties, and calendar of events. Club monitored forum includes additional resources on prospecting in the southeast USA.

49er Mike's Prospectors Cache - Gold locations, clubs, forums, tips and tricks, links, photos, and products.

Alluvial Gold Prospectors Australia - Online recreational gold prospecting and fossicking forum. Registration required to participate.

DocCopper's Gold Prospecting - Information, links and books for the recreational gold prospector.

Exploring for Copper Deposits - Explains the basic prospecting fundamentals needed to identify a viable copper deposit.

Gold Getter News - Learn about prospecting. Includes detailed information and video clips on various techniques used in the recovery of gold.

Gold Miners HQ - Directory of information about publications, equipment, clubs, and properties for sale.

Gold Mines of California - Provides information on a book which provides detailed listings of gold mines and claims in California, with gps coordinates and maps.

ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal - Covers dredging, mining, metal detecting, prospecting for gold. Published monthly since 1931.

Junior Miners - Lists junior mining companies, both public and private. Also contractors, drillers, associations and clubs. Has a classified ad section for mining equipment and properties.

MineralProspector.com - Guide to prospecting for minerals around the world. Details equipment needed, mineralogy basics, land staking, sampling, assaying and metallurgical extraction.

Pick 'n Diggin - A self-confessed addict provides tips on prospecting for gold and instruction on panning, sluicing, highbanking and dredging along with gold news, miners' talk and short gold stories.

Prospecting: The Search for New Gold - Blog providing information, discussions and opinions relating to gold and other valuable minerals. The theme is focused on commercial and recreational prospecting, exploration, mining and investing in mineral commodities.

Prospector's Paradise - Information on the history and geology of gold, mining terms, ideas on where to look for gold and technical articles.

StanGrist.com - Courses and e-books for the hobby gold prospectors, treasure hunters, and explorers.

Stratamodel Inc. - Serves the construction, environmental, and mining industries. Provides geologic services include geochemical and soil gas surveys, field mapping, digital cartography, wireline borehole logging, groundwater investigations, GIS and database construction.

2Get Gold Panning - California gold country travel information, gold rush history, gold country, free classified ads, and gold panning.

California Gold - Mining adventures and panning tours for schools and scouts.

Indian Valley Mine and Gift Shop - National Historic Site with a mine, gold panning, gift shop and museum located 20 miles south of Anchorage Alaska

Jamestown Gold Panning - Located in Jamestown, California. Offers lessons on how to pan for gold. Site contains directions, attractions, and pricing.

 Life Studies - A beginner's guide to gold panning. Learn where the gold is, submersion, panning, separation and retrieval procedures.

 Prospecting for Gold near Washington - Detailed information on gold prospecting and gold mining in Virginia and Maryland, especially near Washington, DC.

Streamside Systems - Manufacturer of sediment removal equipment for classifying sediment.



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