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Browse down this extensive list of metal detecting resources.  Below is an ever evolving list of treasure hunting blogs, forums, and resources to help you with any metal detecting, gold prospecting, and general treasure hunting needs.  Please feel free to contact us to request an addition of a resource.


Added April 8, 2015 

Metal Detecting Ghost Towns of The East - Frank Pandozzi has located and detected around hundreds of old towns in the east. He filmed a TV series, a program for history lovers, and metal detectorists, regarding Eastern ghost towns. His TV series, “Ghost Towns of the East” and eight other different TV episodes, are being sold as downloads. he has also written a book about this subject. Now, he takes that experience, and shows you everything you need to know about metal detecting. With his help you can have all the tools you need to be successful.

Added February 13, 2015

HistoricAerials.com - Owned by Nationwide Environmental Title Research, LLC this site is a composition of historic aerial maps overlain on a modern GIS system.  No frill whatsoever but very useful when trying to find and layout boundaries for old properties.  Go check it out today!

Added January 05, 2015

Detecting.us - Kentucky metal detectorist Scott Clark is hosting a very good treasure hunting site here.  Scott is an advocate of opening up public lands within Kentucky for ethical relic hunting.  The site's blog is full of pictures and stories of his hunts and those in conjunction with local archaeology societies.  I recommend you stop by and check out this website!


Added November 03, 2014

Gainesville Coins

 Gainesville Coins consistently offers low prices on precious metals, coins and bullion. Our large volume allows us to pass along savings that are simply unmatched by smaller dealers. We also offer special wholesale pricing on gold and silver bullion for our very large volume buyers. Please call (813) 482-9300 or email us at sales@gainesvillecoins.com for more information. When in the Tampa Bay area, be sure to visit our luxury showroom located at 17860 N. US Hwy 41 Lutz, FL 33549. www.GainesvilleCoins.com 


LMS Metal Detecting is a group of three guys out of the Carolinas with an active website and YouTube channel.  They run a very interesting site that is packed full of useful metal detecting information, pictures, and videos.  Plus, it is a very fun site.   

Go by and check it out.  Plus if you are from the Carolinas, they may be willing to meet up and go out to do some detecting with you!

Visit LMS's site at:  www.lmsmetaldetecting.com



Added August 21, 2014

Ancient Point is an "antique browser" full of random photos and descriptions of unique antiques you may encounter when metal detecting.  It has a fully functional search engine that makes it a valuable resource for researching finds.


Added April 16, 2014

Geo Detecting Treasure - A fun and interactive website with plenty of resources for metal detectorists and general treasure hunters. Also featuring a game that is soon to be a phone app.  Complete with a blog, forums, links, metal detecting club lists, raffles, auctions and a store where you can list your finds for sale and see other collectibles you can buy.

Added April 11, 2014

Treasure Barrel Metal Detecting Tips - Inspired by Charles Garrett, James shares over 20 years of metal detecting experience with those interested.  This site is full of useful articles, pictures, and videos on subjects like how to identify gold in rock, building a metal detecting test bed, and all sorts of tips and tricks sure to come in handy for any detectorist.  I recommend checking it out!

Added March 10, 2014

Mr. Metal Detector - A very cool blog by a life long and passionate prospector.  Focused around metal detecting John started the site to show off his finds and it has morphed to more.  Very helpful metal detector reviews, an active blog, and excellent resources for other metal detecting sites. 

Added February 26, 2014

Bob's Diggin ItA little newer site but very active already.  Ole' Bob is doing a good job keeping this blog site active with plenty of viewer submission and commentary.  It seems his following has come along for this new website adventure.  Go check it out, subscribe, and get involved!


Detecting365 Detecting 365 - "An Arsenal of Metal Detecting Knowledge"  This cool website does an excellent job of reporting news from within the world of treasure hunting from sources all across the world.  This site provides some very interesting stories, articles, and information that will keep you reading.  It also is very active with reader and subscriber interaction.  This metal detecting site is definitely worth checking out!

Added January 14, 2013

Detecting Diva - "Because Women Detect Too!" This site is a well put together, informative, and interesting site from a very active metal "detectorista," (that is her word not mine, but I like it)!  Catering more towards women because of the apparent lack of sites geard towards the ladies, this site still welcomes men to participate.  Allyson says, "Of course men are welcome here too–my machine discriminates, but I don’t."  Go check it out!


Added December 20th, 2013

Metal Detecting U.S. Only  A Facebook page dedicated to those who are fanatical about metal detecting.  From the site: "This is a group where you can share your finds, from pull tabs to gold Coins, with confidence. Whether your posting a find, needing something I.D.'d, making a comment, or asking a question, you are welcome to participate and take advantage of the vast resources our members have to offer."

Added December 16, 2013

 The Prairie DiggerKansas Digger has started a new blog where he shares his adventures and metal detecting finds.  Stay tuned I am sure we will expect some interesting hunts, lots of treasure, a little trash and some new perspectives. 



Added December 04, 2013

Metal Detecting Tips and a Popular Metal Detecting Forums

Treasure Quest -  This site provides information about metal detectingmetal detector how-to. We also offer a number of services for treasure hunters including online coin auctions, a club directory and a metal detecting forum.




Added October 14, 2013

American Detectorist As a visitor to American Detectorist, you are likely already familiar with the metal detecting hobby, but whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting, this is the place to find information and ask questions about metal detecting. You are also welcomed to meet and interact with others who likewise love this alluring hobby by visiting the American Detectorist metal detecting forum.

Added September 11, 2013

Ghost Towns & History - ghosttowns.com is an EXCELLENT resource for anyone looking to find out the history of vanished (or vanishing) towns across the U.S.  Information is posted by people who know the history of the areas listed.  A great place to begin research for lost ghost towns!

Added September 9, 2013

Midwest Historical Detector Club MHDC is a metal detecting club located in Omaha, NE that provides a venue for metal detectorists in the region to get together monthly and share finds, stories, advice and more.  They meet the second Wednesday of every month at the W. Dale Clark Library at 215 S. 15th St. Omaha, NE.

Missouri Metal Detecting - A useful site as well as an active Facebook Page.  This group is all about getting out and metal detecting to find treasure.  Their focus is primarily on Missouri metal detecting  but it is a good resource for anyone anywhere.

Detector Stuff - Detector Stuff strives to be an ever-growing database of information to assist people in their pursuit of hobby metal detecting.  To facilitate this, articles and information are very, very “searchable”.  We also have incorporated a “related stories” feature which will help suggest other related posts that you may find useful.  We are also open to suggestions!  If you have ideas for a feature you would like to see, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Yankee Bullets - The resource for information on civil war bullets.  These folks get out and find bullets and sell them.  Cool site with a lot of information on civil war bullets.

Detector Prospecting - A website dedicated to prospecting for gold and other precious items using metal detectors, suction dredges, sluice boxes, gold pans, and more.

Gingoware Metal Detecting Software - Our Metal Detecting Software Journal for your computer allows you to save important details of all your metal detecting adventures. Reports, printing, maps and much more.

Todays Metal Detector
Todays metal detector used for metal detecting gold, metal detecting coins, metal detecting relics is easy. Watch our metal detecting videos or read our metal detecting ebooks.

Metal Detecting in The U.S.A. - Metal Detecting In The USA offers how to tips, stories, and pictures about metal detecting, civil war relic hunting, and treasure hunting.   In addition to these metal detecting stories are other helpful how to articles from Cleaning Coins to Where to Go Metal Detecting and Metal Detecting Tips. 

Metal Detecting Auction - For our European friends, this metal detecting auction site has new and used equipment for sale along with some really neat one-of-a-kind add-on gear made by individuals.  Unique clips, attachments, and bolt on goodies to checkout.

Midwest Coin and Relic Hunters - A pretty active form of metal detectorists and treasure hunters in the midwest region...really from all over.   Lots of links and resources as well.  Gotta join the forum to see too much though.

Jimmy's MD Blog - This metal detecting site has some good posts about metal detecting in general.  There is a lot of information on the sport, where to hunt, pictures, and reviews of all sorts of metal detecting shows, finds, and gear.  Also, plenty of links to other cool articles and finds.

Midwest Artifact Society (M.W.A.S.) - The Mid-Western Artifact Society is a non-profit, incorporated metal detecting club based in the area of Kansas City, KS. The club was founded in 1976 and is a proud member of the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs, Inc. (FMDAC). We are dedicated to preserving the hobby of metal detecting.

American Digger Magazine - An excellent resource to see other metal detectorists and diggers' finds from around the world!  We subscribe to this newsetter and advertise in it if that tells you anything!  Subscribe today!

The Dirt Is Good To Me - This is a fellow metal detectorist that spends a lot of time in the field and does a good job documenting his finds via photo and blog.  It is always nice getting advice and learning by reading someone else's actual experiences in their own words.  Better yet this blog is updated about ever couple days keeping you informed with new content regulary. 

UK Metal Detecting Auction Site - A European connection to a variety of metal detecting supplies.  Everything from loupes, pin pointer holsters, gloves, batteries, all the way up to used metal detectors and accessories.  Go check it out there are some really neat products you may not see anywhere else!

European and UK Metal Detector Forum - We do business with people all over the world.  We try to develop a good relationship with all of these people because they are like us...treasure hunters.  This is a group from Europe doing good in the treasure hunting world by creating a place where metal detectorists can share ideas, thoughts, and information on the sport of metal detecting.

Steve's Sunken Treasure Blog - This blog is updated frequently and FULL of useful information.  He does a great job of staying on top of current events as well as provides several useful links to popular resources for metal detectorists.

Metal Detecting Hobby Talk - A form for all metal detecting enthusiasts to come together and share experiences, finds, ideas, secrets or discuss their interests in metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Treasure Bone - This is a cool blog by a freelance writer who metal detects and hunts for treasure.  Pretty good stuff, plus he gives away a silver bar every month to a subscriber who comments on his video!

Amy's Treasure World - Focuses on the story of how this eastern Pennsylvania enthusiast became interested in the hobby and photos of her finds. Includes tips from the Shadow Forum's archives and resource links.

An Okie Detects Michigan - Tips on equipment, sites to hunt, jewelry markings, and photos of his finds.

Ancient Objects - Includes photos of coins and artifacts found in the county of Yorkshire, UK, articles about photographing finds, bottle collecting and contact information.

Bob Bailey's Metal Detecting Site - Features articles about inland and beach hunting, hints and tips, site research, cleaning finds and equipment. Includes digest of the 1996 Treasure Act.

Bunny's Detecting Place - Pictures of finds from around the UK, buttons and buckles, coins, a "can you identify these?" section, and links to club.

Carolyn's Metal Detecting Corner - Contains photos of recent and favorite finds, custom XLT program, links to forums, hobbyists' pages, reference sites and awards received.

Complete Guide To Metal Detecting For Beginners - This site has some valuable links for those who are new to or interested in getting into the hobby of metal detecting.

Detecting Site for Robin in Michigan - Photos of coins, tokens, jewelry and artifacts found by Michigan enthusiast. [Requires Shockwave Flash Player].

Detecting.org.uk - Features stories, photographs and related links.

Detectorhead - Photos of coins and tokens found in Baker City, Oregon. Gives coinshooting tips.

Digger's Diary - Features Civil War relics recovered in Northern Virginia. Cataloged by campsites.

Dutch Detector Finds - Photos of Stone Age, Roman, Medieval, 16th-18th century objects, seal matrixes, jetons, artifacts, modern jewelry and coins. Describes search locations in the Netherlands. Bilingual site.

Eureka - Advice about doing research, obtaining permission to hunt, and choosing equipment. Includes Code of Ethics.

Finds From a Suffolk Farm - Features photo gallery of ancient, medieval and post medieval coins and artifacts, and summary of Treasure Act of 1996.

 Gary's Metal Detecting Site - Includes a diary, photos of coins and artifacts found in the UK and XLT programs.

Glenn's Detecting Page - Includes vintage postcards of hunting locations with photos of finds made by Florida hobbyist.

 Have Detector Will Travel - Features articles and pictures about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and coin shooting.

Jim Vokes' Detectin' Pages - Shows photos of his finds, tips for using Minelab detectors, techniques for coin imaging and using a scanner, electrolysis procedure, map research and links to other reference sites.

Justin's Ohio Finds - Photo galleries of coins and relics, Native American artifacts, fossils, rocks and old bottles. Includes some Native American history and music.

Mark's Metal Detecting WebSite - Southwest Florida enthusiast offers tips and describes his equipment and finds.

Metal Detecting - Steve Rice, enthusiast in the UK, provides a weblog and links to news articles about finds and events.

Metal Detecting Around the World - Features articles, tips, a Minelab Explorer program, detector reviews and a photo gallery of coins, relics and other finds made by Sergei, an enthusiast from New York State.

Metal Detecting Connecticut - Photos of recent finds and relic collection.

Metal Detecting Findings - Photos of coins found in this enthusiast's backyard.

Metal Detecting For Beginners - An independent collection of metal detecting links and resources dedicated to helping the beginner metal detectorist learn the trade.  Link provided by 

Metal Detecting In Germany - Archaeology using a metal detector, especially battlefield sites. Includes World War II finds and treasure hunting articles.

Metal Detecting In Germany - Features a look at artifacts found on battlefield sites. Includes World War II finds and treasure hunting articles.

 Metal Detecting with Vlad & Carol - Features tips and hints, cleaning methods, equipment reviews, descriptions and photos of finds, slideshows and a forum. Lists rules and regulations for hunting in Connecticut.

Metal-Detecting - Weblog features equipment and book reviews, announcements, and stories.

Mike's CZ Page - California enthusiast offers equipment advice, tips about coin cleaning and photos of his finds.

My Treasure Spot  A nice little helpful forum with tons of relic, bottle finds, and metal detecting resources. Loaded with useful information.  Go visit it today!

Norwegian Treasures - Picture galleries of finds and programs for the Whites' XLT detector.

Ozarks Detector's Blog - A well written blog about detecting in the Ozark area as well as lots of tips, tricks, product reviews!

Passport to Treasure - Photos of finds, Minelab Sovereign and Sun Ray tips, Explorer sound clips, detector depth comparison test, button backmark information, and coin cleaning methods.

Phil's Metal Detecting - Includes some information about the history of the hobby, hints and tips, equipment, and photos of his finds in the UK.

SCdigger's Metal Detecting Page - Photo galleries of relic finds and the North-South Hunt of 2002.

San Francisco Diggin's - Finds from Bay area, including stamped and numbered brass skeleton room key, toothpaste pots, eyeglasses, buckles and hooks, clay pipes, with all sizes and varieties of glass bottles. Includes music. Takes a while to load.

Southwestern Treasure - Enthusiast in New Mexico describes a typical day of detecting. Includes a gallery of photographs.

St. Petersburg's Treasure Hunter - Features coins from Russian Empire and USSR, uniform buttons, buckles, medals, shields, religious artifacts and German and Russian World War II relics. Bilingual Russian/English.

The Treasure Chronicle - A personal view of the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting. Treasure images gallery, equipment, links and clubs.

Treasure Center - Hunting for lost treasures and solving ancient mysteries. Provides links to news articles, exhibits, and maps.

Treasure Hunting America - Features photos of coins, jewelry, and old bottles found in the New Orleans area. Includes accounts of prospecting trips to other locations.

Treasure Hunting in Colchester Essex England - Includes brief history of the town. Tips for detecting in the area's fields. Photos of hammered, Roman, and base coins, artifacts, buttons, croatal bells and toys.

Treasures of Santa Clara - Descriptions and photos of finds including old coins, tokens, jewelry, relics, old bottles and marbles. Gives tips and hunting ideas.

West Jersey Detecting - New Jersey enthusiast Neil Schwartz offers detecting tips and hints. Includes photos, instructional videos, documents, and resource links.

Yorkie Bill's Metal Detecting - Includes trip reports and photos of badges, buttons, coins, cannons and other finds.

www.metaldetecting.ca - Take a look at coins, jewelry, and artifacts found by a Canadian enthusiast. Offers research tips, a forum, and resource links.

 The New Treasure Depot

TreasureBoards Detecting Forum

UK Detector Net Forum

Minelab Owners Forum

Alberta Metal Detecting Forum

Canadian Forum

World Wide Association Of Treasure Seekers (W.W.A.T.S.)

Lost Treasure On Line

Metal Detecting | Treasure Quest








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